Imagine a room. A screenprinting studio is set. There’s a screen, a squeegee, inks of every shades, lots of brushes. Then music starts filling that room, and very quickly and spontaneously, the brushes start dancing on the screen, improvising intuitively on the music, filling the screen with colours. Once printed, the unpredictable result of that painting improvisation unveils.

This creative process is called monoprinting, a fusion of screenprinting and painting. Every monoprint is always a surprise. They capture the moment of creation, the mood of the day, the gestures and movements. And they capture the way in which there is beauty in embracing intuition, imperfections, the little accidents, the messes and serendipities.

Studio Photos by Joseph Fox

Printed at Ruda Studio, Madrid
Upcoming exhibition: Summer Interlude: Improvisations No. I-IX